Spring Awakenings!!!

After what seemed to be a long winter,  it was finally time for AE86irls first meet of 2012 :) It was held in Midway court in Portlaoise, a pretty central spot for everyone.

We parked up, did some chatting, drank some tea, did some more chatting and then we went home, (you see us 86 owners arn’t all so bad) :P. It was a really enjoyable day, with  great atmosphere, great people and of course great cars!! 


John’s 8a9 corolla has to be seen to be appreciated, looks like it just rolled out of the factory!!



SSR mkii’s + Charmant = WIN!!

Love the bmw cream on Marty’s mcnsport built 2 door…


Willies B/O/G levin never fails to impress!! Gold centered watanabes suit it perfect.





Paddy’s KE70….. just awesome, that is all!!!





Wheres Wally??



Eoin’s 86 has to be one of my favourites!  (love the number plates :) )









Regina’s SC Mr2 (will have more from this coming soon! )


86 girls!! (well some of us)





Regina rocking the Sweet Oblivion  Corolla brotherhood shirt!!

If you dont have one by now, you are not cool!!!!! I suggest you get one immedietly here !

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