All AE86’s welcome!



Stopped for a few photo’s with friends over the weekend at the Donegal Int Rally.

Nice to have the 3 most common 86 variations here in Ireland in the one picture. 





By AmandaaAE86

NEW 86!!!! T 50 <3

Apologies for my lack of posts as of late….. but college and work life has distracted me from my blog duties.. Alas I am here now!!

Iv recently been fortunately to purchase a new 86! its a previous T50 car that unfortunately got stripped of some of its finery by previous owners…. However its in good hands now and will be back to its former good line and runfree glory in due time :).

Im in love with it…. soooo much character!!

Here it is in its previous life in Japan lining up for a BM event in Ebisu….


And here is resides at present with me at an AE86IRL event last Sunday…(pic courtesy of fresh A very happy Amanda.


Updates on the 86 in due course…. also I will get around to uploading more from the Starlet book a lot of you have been requesting!

Amanda x

By AmandaaAE86

KE70 Love…..

One thing you have to love about old-skol Toyota’s is their versatility…  

I took this photo recently at a meet… both cars are amazing in their own ways im sure you will agree……..

By AmandaaAE86